Development Parcels

There are many development and redevelopment opportunities in Scott County. As brokers and developers, you know how to find these better than anybody.

Provided below is a list of key development properties that are a priority of Scott County communities. These properties will assist in catalyzing new growth, fill an existing gap, or reinvigorate an area.

Property 1

Development Parcels - Belle Plaine

Six acres zoned for commercial/industrial development with easy access to Highway 169/25 interchange. This property is owned by the City of Belle Plaine, is shovel-ready, and topography is well-suited for any type of development.

Property 2

34+ acres zoned for highway commercial and commercial/industrial with the ability to be subdivided at the intersection of two major thoroughfares just off of the 169 interchange. This property is owned by a single individual with some existing commercial development in the northwest quadrant.

Development Parcels - Elko New Market

Property 1

Approximately 198 commercial acres located at the northwest quadrant of I-35 and CR 2 interchange. This property is located at a prime intersection with excellent demographics and traffic volumes. The property is privately held and available for purchase and development. With a little planning, this property will be one of Scott County's next big commercial development sites.

Property 2

Various properties located along CR 2 are guided for commercial and mixed use development.

Development Parcels - Jordan

Property 1

This 18.5 acre industrial outlot is ideally located within blocks of Hwy 169. Utilities and road are available to serve the property on three sides. The parcel is privately owned and nearly building permit ready.

Property 2

Ervin Industrial Drive and Enterprise Drive - PID220240020 - is a large 8.1 acre parcel in the Industrial District with close access to Hwy 169. This property is vacant, platted, and building permit ready! This property is owned by the State of Minnesota and will be sold at public auction and has development to the north of the property.

Development Parcels - New Prague

Property 1

The City's future business park expansion contains approximately 100 acres which is ready for annexation, is guided I-1 Light Industrial and has utilities stubbed to the site. The property is owned by two owners and is adjacent to 6th Street NW and easy access to TH21 and the City's existing business park directly across the street.

Property 2

Various properties zoned for Community Commercial are located along the City's developing TH19 (Main Street) Corridor.

Development Parcels - Prior Lake

Property 1

20+ acres zoned commercial within the Jeffers Waterfront PUD, located at the southwest corner of County Highways 21 and 42. This Property is owned by a bank and a foundation.

Property 2

23+ acres zoned office/industrial, located within the Deerfield Business Park near County Highway 21 in southeast Prior Lake. The land is owned by private individuals.

Development Parcels - Savage

Property 1

12 acres zoned for commercial/mixed use at the intersection of two 4 lane highways. Thisproperty is owned by a single individual with great visibility.

Property 2

12 and 14 acre lots zoned for commercial/mixed use at the intersection of two 4 lane highways. These two properties offer great visibility and high traffic volumes.


Fourth Avenue/Shenandoah 1

Valley Green Industrial Park 2

The City of Shakopee currently has land available for near-term development in key areas: Valley Green Industrial Park and near the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Shenandoah Drive. The land is zoned for a mix of commercial and industrial uses.

Development Parcels - Shakopee


Minnesota Valley Industrial Park 1

Sand Creek Industrial Park 2

Dairy Lane Industrial Park 3

The Townships in Scott County currently have land available for near-term development in three key areas: Minnesota Valley Industrial Park in Jackson Township, Sand Creek Industrial Park in Sand Creek Township, and Dairy Lane Industrial Park in Spring Lake Township. Lots in these parks are platted and zoned for a mix of commercial and industrial uses with outdoor storage needs.

Development Parcels - Scott Co Townships

City & County Class Maps

Belle Plaine City Class Map
Elko New Market City Class Map
Jordan City Class Map
New Prague City Class Map
Prior Lake City Class Map
Savage City Class Map
Shakopee City Class Map
TH 282 Area Class Map
US Hwy 169 Corridor Class Map
I-35 Corridor Class Map
Countywide Commercial and Industrial Corridors

Class 1 - Property is platted and "pad ready" with interior lot improvements completed and development only requires building permit or site plan approvals.

Class 2 - Property is guided and zoned for commercial or industrial use, within 2030 growth boundary or MUSA boundary, public infrastructure is readily accessible to the property and has sufficient capacity to serve the development.

Class 3 - Property is guided for commercial or industrial use on locally adopted land use map.

Land use categories shown include industrial, commercial, and mixed use. Mixed use can be either industrial or commercial.